All my instruments are created from handpicked woods: mainly maple, pear, cherry, boxwood, as well as other exotic species upon request.

Each instrument is entirely made by hand and therefore customizable at will. You can view some of my instruments on the gallery page.

The drones can be configured in multiple ways: from only one bass drone up to three or four (in the case of instrument ensembles). The bells may be built open or closed, upon customer request.

I can mount two types of bags: synthetic or natural. Synthetic bags can be covered with fabric or leather. Leather bags are entirely hand sewn. The sewing itself can be external or internal, depending on the customer’s taste.

All chanter reeds are synthetic and designed to play on my instruments. The drone reeds are usually a hybrid, with a wooden body and styrene blade. Synthetic reeds offer a consistent timbre and intonation that cane reeds don’t hold in all weather conditions.

For more information, please contact me.


Tunings available (for bagpipe chanters and schalmeis) are divided into two categories: minor and chromatic; the latter definition means an instrument almost entirely chromatic that allows you to play both in minor than major with almost all chromatism available

E minor

E chromatic

G chromatic

A minor

A chromatic

C chromatic

D chromatic

thanks to Gian Luca Ferme for the translation